About us

FlightClaimEU fights to protect passenger rights

What we do

We believe in a world where travellers do not have to suffer due to the stronger position of the airline. We raise awareness about passenger rights and use our expertise to help them secure their compensation by handling their claims and winning legal battles on their behalf. Our approach is based on the belief that customers deserve a fast and easy-to-use service, hence we offer our service based on state-of-the-art IT solutions. Welcome to our modern world, where passengers are the stronger party, able to stand up for their rights effectively!

Our mission

We strive to make certain that air travellers are aware of their rights as passengers and provide them with a quick, cost effective and risk free service to help them exercise these rights. FlightClaimEU serves as the gateway between EU regulation and compensation, and handles claims for air travellers affected by disruptions. It is part of our mission to go to court for any client with a valid flight compensation claim, and we work on a simple commission basis, which we only charge after succesfully claiming funds from the airline, to make the service risk-free.

FlightClaimEU fights for the rights of air passengers

Our services


FlightClaimEU handles claims successfully for air passengers affected by delayed flights, cancellations and denied boarding. If necessary, we will go to court for any client with a valid flight compensation claim and we do not charge for our services until after we have won the case and the airline has provided the requested funds. The inconvenience you suffered will be duly compensated for.


FlightClaimEU will secure your compensation for lost, delayed or damaged baggage by not only filing the claim, but also by continously pushing the airline to respond, formulating the legal arguments to win and if necessary, by having the discussion over and over again. We will persist until the claim case has been resolved, while you lean back and await your compensation.


FlightClaimEU will help you get refunded for the airport flight taxes included in your unused ticket. If you have not taken a flight, the relevant airport taxes need not be paid – however, these taxes are not currently automatically refunded by airlines. They need to be contacted directly in each case – FlightClaimEU’s expertise will ensure that this is done efficiently and you receive the refund that is due to you.


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