compensation for flight delays and cancelled flights
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is FlightClaimEU?

When you as passenger have experienced a flight delay, cancellation or denial to board, it is FlightClaimEU that with the use of EC Regulation 261/2004 helps you file a claim with the airline for compensation. To make an individual claim as consumer might be troublesome, so that’s why FlightClaimEU is here to help!

Why FlightClaimEU?

Besides the fact FlightClaimEU is an experienced expert with a high reputation in this particular field, it is the motivation to advocate for passenger rights that makes FligjhtClaimEU the right address to handle your claim. It is all about supporting consumers in their vulnerable position by fast, easy and simple service.

Where does FlightClaimEU get their information?

FlightClaimEU uses an extensive database of flight information, which is fully up-to-date and is based on commercial and public sources. Not only is FlightClaimEU looking at data from the government, the airports and the airlines, but data recovered from social media plays a fundamental role in our monitoring system. FlightClaimEU perfectly fits the contemporary world we live in!


Does FlightClaimEU take weather into account when analysing a flight?

Yes, since the airline can use the bad weather situation as a defense against paying compensation. HOWEVER, the bad weather must be an extraordinary circumstance, which is a very rare situation (despite what an airline might tell you)! When FlightClaimEU analyses a flight we are fully informed by dependable weather reports and know exactly if there was indeed an extraordinary situation.

What if the airport is closed by a strike or political unrest, etc?

These particular situations can be qualified as extraordinary circumstances, which are instances that are not inherent in the normal exercise of the airline’s activity. This could result in the fact the airline does not have to pay out. When analyzing your flight FlightClaimEU will carefully look into this by collecting and archiving news reports concerning strikes, political unrest and temporary closures of airports.

When does FlightClaimEU consider a situation as an extraordinary circumstance?

It is all about combining current flight, weather and news data with reading the scope of EC Regulation 261/2004 carefully. Because of the extensive experience and expertise of FlightClaimEU we are able to quickly judge if a situation can be considered an extraordinary circumstance. Moreover, if there is indeed an extraordinary circumstance in your case, FlightClaimEU will not accept the claim on the basis of no-win-no-fee.


What is No Win No Fee?

FlightClaimEU works on a No Win No Fee basis. This means you only pay us a fee when we are successful in solving your claim.

I am not getting the option ’No Win No Fee’. Why?

This means we analyzed your situation and have decided we cannot solve your claim and therefore cannot further assist you. There might be a situation of an extraordinary circumstance or the airline does not have office in the EU. In this case you do not have to pay us anything.

What is your fee?

FlightClaimEU works on a No Win No Fee basis. This means you only pay us a fee when we are successful. You will receive 75% of the claim amount, minus € 25 administration costs per passenger. When we are not able to solve your claim, you do not have to pay us anything.

Are there extra legal costs involved if FlightClaimEU must issue proceedings?

There are no extra costs if FlightClaimEU must go to court on your behalf. In the case of a positive outcome you will receive 75% of the claim amount minus € 25 administrative costs per passenger. If we lose the case you will only pay the € 25 administrative costs per passenger.


What documents do I need to file a claim?

FlightClaimEU needs several travel documents before we can pursue a claim for you. You can upload the necessary documents while filing your complaint. We need a copy of the following documents: – Booking confirmation – (e)Tickets – Boarding pass – Copy of your passport.

Why do I have to send a copy of my passport?

We require a copy of your passport to be able to verify the name in the claim. In addition certain airlines require a copy before they are willing to handle a claim. If it is necessary to issue legal proceedings on your behalf we will be able to verify to the courts that you have personally given FlightClaimEU the authority to represent you in this case. FlightClaimEU is bound by the Data Protection Act and your documents will not be sold to any third party.

How do I send the documentation to FlightClaimEU?

To be able to handle your claim as quickly as possible we would prefer to receive any documentation electronically. It is possible to add documents to your claim request and online file. If you are unable to do this it is possible to send the documents via email (


The ticket was purchased by my company. Am I entitled for the compensation?

Yes, eligabile to compensation is the passenger, who has a valid boarding ticket, irrespective who paid the ticket, being a natural person or legal person.

I traveled by an airline that chartered the flight that was delayed/cancelled. Can I file a claim?

Yes, you can also file a claim to the operating air carrier ‘on behalf on another’ having a contract with the passenger.

My first flight was delayed for less than 3 hours, but I lost my connection and reached the destination with more than 3 hours delay. Can you still help me in this case?

Yes, in principle the right to compensation always applies when you have a delay of more than three hours to your end destination. The eligibility to compensation is both to passengers departing from an airport with delay, as well as the delay at arrival airport.

Does FlightClaim guarantee that I will receive compensation?

FlightClaimEU does not guarantee that you will receive compensation. You can however always ask FlightClaimEU for its opinion on how best to proceed, should you encounter any difficulties in pursuing your claim.

How long does the claim process take?

After investigating the claim you have filed we create an online file for you. As a rule of thumb, we give the airline 30 days to respond, after which we consider issuing court proceedings. It is unfortunately not possible to predict how long the entire process will take, however we realistically strive to reach a conclusion within six months of filing the claim. Of course we keep you informed about the progress during the life-cycle of the claim.

Does limitation apply in my claim?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 there is a limitation of six years. However, since FlightClaimEU needs time to prepare a case and contact the airline it is possible to issue claims up to 5 years after the date of the flight.

When my flight got delayed/cancelled, I have been offered an accomodation in a hotel & been rerouted on another flight. Am I entitled to compensation as well?

Yes, the eligibility to compensation is next to the right to care offered free of charge by the airline carrier.

I booked an airline ticket, but the delay/cancellation of the flight was due to an airline partner who was operating the flight that day. May I file a claim?

Yes, also to operating air carrier ‘on behalf on another’ having a contract with the passenger

Can I file a claim for a baby?

If you travelled with a baby and did not pay for a ticket then it is NOT possible to file a claim.

Why have I not received any response from FlightClaimEU?

E-mail providers such as Gmail and Hotmail sometimes consider our emails as spam. Please check all your email files and indicate that our e-mails are safe. You will then receive all our messages.

What if the airline contacts me directly?

When you filed a claim with FlightClaimEU and the airline contacts you directly, you should contact FlightClaimEU immediately. You can reach us through your website or by e-mail. It is possible that FlightClaimEU already started a legal procedure against the airline for you and consequently had to cover the costs for this. When the airline pays you directly, we will send you an invoice for the costs we have made, in accordance with article 6.7 of our Terms & Conditions. Please always contact FlightClaimEU when you are contacted by the airline before accepting any offers that are made.


How do I fill in a power of attorney?

Please print out a copy of the power of attorney for each passenger in the claim. Every adult must sign their own power of attorney (page 1) individually and with a pen. The power of attorney does not allow for digital signature. If there are under aged children in the claim the parents or guardians of that child must sign the first and second page of the power of attorney and fill in the relevant details of the child.

Why do you need a power of attorney?

We require a signed power of attorney from each passenger in the claim so that we can legally represent you against the airline and in court.

Why must I fill in a power of attorney for my under aged child?

A claim on the basis of EU Regulation 261/2004 is an individual right for each passenger. With this power of attorney we will also be able to represent your child against the airline and in court.


What happens with my personal information?

FlightClaimEU treats all of your personal information confidentially and will not provide these to third parties. For more information please consult our privacy statement.

How do I add my bank details?

You can only add your bank details to your online file. After you login on our website, you can click on ‘Bank Details’ and fill in all the relevant information. We must request that you fill in your International Bank Account Number (IBAN). This is the international version of your personal bank account number and your bank will be able to provide you with these details. It is not possible to send your bank details via email, live chat, phone or fax.


Why did I only receive 50% of the claim amount?

Passengers travelling a distance of more than 3500 kilometres that arrive at their final destination with a delay of more than three hours but less than four hours are entitled to 50% of the financial compensation. If this is the case for you the airline has offered adequate proof that the arrival delay was less than four hours.

When do I receive my financial compensation?

As soon as we have received the financial compensation we will send you an e-mail with an invoice. Once your bank details have been added to your online file our administration department will make the transfer on either the 15th or 30th of the month. Please ensure that your bank details are filled in correctly in your online file.


Will FlightClaimEU charge me anything if you need to start court proceedings?

No, we will bear the cost of issuing any court proceedings and arranging representation at any hearings. If you lose your case then you don’t have to pay anything. In a successful claim you will receive 75% of the claim amount minus a €25 administration charge.

Will FlightClaimEU take every case to court?

FlightClaimEU will only take a case to court if we believe there is a chance of a positive outcome. The case will always be filed with the airline directly first. Based on the response from the airline our legal department will investigate the claim further. We are not obliged to take the claim to court.


What is EC Regulation 261/2004?

EC Regulation 261/2004 is a primary piece of European legislation that was created to ensure that the rights of airline passengers were protected in cases of cancellation, long delays and denied boarding. The Regulation is applicable to all flights departing from a European country and to all flights arriving in a European country if that airline is registered in the EU


Who is CCN?

CCN is a European Claims Management Service company. FlightClaimEU is a trade mark of CCN and CCN will hence be able to issue proceedings on your behalf. However, thoughout the process you will always remain a FlightClaimEU client.

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