More than 350 flights have been delayed at Amsterdam Schiphol
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PRESS RELEASE – Compensation connecting flights

The right to compensation for long delays of flights applies to connecting flights to third States with stopovers outside the EU.

A change of aircraft during the stopover does not alter the fact that two or more flights booked as a single unit must be considered a single connecting flight

 In today’s judgment, the Court rules that the regulation applies to passenger transport effected under a single booking and comprising, between its departure from an airport situated in a Member State (Berlin) and its arrival at an airport situated in a third country (Agadir), a scheduled stopover outside the EU (Casablanca) with a change of aircraft. 

According to the Court, it is apparent from the regulation and case-law3 that when, as in the present case, two (or more) flights are booked as a single unit, those flights constitute a whole for the purposes of the right to compensation for passengers. Those flights must therefore be considered as one and the same ‘connecting flight’. 

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